Exploring the Taíno Petroglyphs

Here we have picked one of the most used petroglyph that our ancestors left us and it's used to symbolize our nocturnal trovador, the Coqui. It's not surprising that many of the petroglyphs that have been found are related to the world around the Taínos and these included nature and their spiritual world. The symbol of the Coqui was very important to the Taínos, for not only could you find them in the stories of myth but, they predicted the coming of the rains with their songs.

For those who wish to see more petroglyphs we recommend you purchase the books written by NelsonRafael Collazo, who has dedicated a large part of his life cataloging petroglyphs from all over the island of Boriken (Puerto Rico). click here for more information on Collazo's books.
Taino petrogliph for the frog
picture of coqui frog